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Fireside Ultra wood pellets review

Posted on 02/05/2013 at 07:33 am by Scott Allen Viewed 4,862 times

Fireside Ultra pellets are being imported from Montreal and have been readily available in coastal Maine.  Home depot is selling them by the bag at very reasonable prices, in fact the per bag price currently beats the per ton price that I paid this fall.   I have however had mixed experiences with them.  Initially there were some problems with clinkers and ash build up in the burn grade.  I've found when using Fireside Ultra that it is necessary to be meticulous about keeping the burn grate clean and clear of ash and clinker build up.  Ash not only chokes the airflow through the burn grate, but it insulates the temperature sensors that help control the pellet feed rate.  In the worse case scenario you can get a dangerous over heating situation, but more likely the burn grate will overflow, the flame will be smothered and the stove will shut down. 

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