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In the "Sand County Almanac", the author Aldo Leopold wrote that there are two “spiritual dangers” of not living on a farm.  The first danger is that one would begin to believe that  “breakfast comes from the grocery” the other that being that “heat comes from a furnace”.

Aldo's words were written in 1948 but ring truer today than ever before.  One benefit of living in rural America is that you do eat better.

We all like to know that the tomatoes we eat are not genetically re-designed to ship easier, store longer and appear to be riper on the supermarket shelves. We know a good tomato when we taste it.  Food seems to taste better when you can talk to the folks who grew it or grow it yourself.

The second part of Aldo's argument is truer today as well.  For so many the understanding of the heat in their home goes no further than the thermostat on the wall. You may see no connection between the natural gas powered furnace and the fracking earthquakes, you may see no connection between your oil furnace and the sludge poisoned town of Mayflower, Arkansas or the still polluted rocks of Prince William Sound.

It doesn't have to be this way, everything we need is here

If the energy you needed was already here why wouldn't you use it?  If you could save money and at the same time contribute to the well being of your community, why wouldn't you do that?  If there was one small thing that you could do to help reduce greenhouse gasses and leave a better world for your children, why wouldn't you take that step? 


Concept Application Utilization

From concept to application and utilization, the primary goal of this website is to play a role in redirecting Maine's future using science and technology to drive us toward a new future based upon creative and enlightened use of our natural resources. Maybe it is as simple as saying what was okay yesterday is not good enough today.

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